Meet the Team


Staff Members

Western & Eastern Bay of Plenty Field Worker / Social Worker - Debi Haydon 

Hi Everyone

A big thank you to Cheryl for the amazing orientation she has given me to the fieldworker role. I know she will be missed by everyone.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all over the next few months, either individually or at the group meetings as I travel around the Bay of Plenty Region.

My background is in nursing, social work and adult education and I have worked with organizations in the community in a variety of roles.

I live in Tauranga and my interests include Tai Chi, complementary therapies and Sashi, my wee dog. We enjoy our lovely outdoors, especially the ocean.

The fieldworker service includes support, information, advocacy and networking opportunities in the community. Contact me either by phone call, text or email to find out more.

Regards & Take Care

Debi 022 543 8750 or email 

Office Service Co- Ordinator - Shaina Fernandes

Hello, my name is Shaina Fernandes and I am very excited to be the BOP MS Society's Office Service Co-ordinator.

I look forward to planning more of the fun stuff such as exerise groups, family outings, breakfasts and fun fundraisers.

I have a passion for being involved in Good Causes and I feel it's so vital that organisations like this exist to support members on their journey.

I have previous experience of working in the health & disability sector.

I have 13 years experience of office administration experience and have a Diploma in Public Relations. I believe this all goes hand in hand in my role with BOPMS.

Contact Details 022 638 7015 or email

Committee Members

President - Andrew Buckley

Hello Everyone,

I am experienced in clinical health, human factors and governance.

I appreciate and I am excited by my opportunity as president of BOP Multiple Sclerosis Society and I will work hard to honour the responsibility which the rold carries.

I believe the role of the committee is to ensure that you, our members, are enabled to lead the best life possible for you and your family and that you are afforded the fullest opportunities as residents and citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand.

My Goal for BOPMS is that as a "Team of 1,000"  (yes, I borrowed the term from Jacinda!) - the committee, our fieldworker, our service coordinator, you the members and your families - we will work together and achieve great success in our future.

Vice President - Christine Stewart

I was diagnosed with MS 4.5 years ago. I attended some of the social groups and exercise classes and found them extremely helpful and that I wasn't alone with this diagnosis. 

I have a background in nursing. 

I own a kiwifruit orchard with my husband in Te Puke and have 2 adult children. I enjoy doing things in the community and meeting new people. 

I joined the commitee because I believe that our MS members deserve all the help and support that we can provide for them and I am very excited to be working with this new commitee to do this. 

Catherine Buckley 


I am a registered Nurse with 30 years experience in health, disability and social services. 

My focus has been establishing and developing client-centered care and services. As a member of your committee, this will continue to be my focus. 

My whanau are dear to me and I re-charge when I connect with whenua - a legacy of my irish whakapapa :) 


Rebecca Hardie 

I live near Otakiri on a lifestyle block with my fur babies of 2 cats, 2 dogs, 4 horses and 3 scale babies - goldfish. 

I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago which totally changed the plans that I had for the future and brought about a change of lifestyle. I focus on my health and maintaining my independance and acheiveing as much as I can with my new normal. I joined the MS BOP last year as I feel it is a very important asset to have for those of us with MS


Sonya Fergusson 


My husband got MS at age 32. I was 28. Our boys were 3 and 4 when their dad got sick and grew up to be the most wonderful caring young men. He was amazing. Even in a head-controlled wheelchair he kept himself busy so was always seen around town. A well-known identity